Do you already know where you want to live?

I am Silvia, dietician, nutritionist, naturopath in love with plants and, if you decide, I will crew the ship that will take you to stop living in a prison.

For years I have been transforming prisons into luxury resorts for precious souls (like yours) and, to achieve this, I only need one ingredient: nature.

You are in the ideal place because I have created for you, not one, but many universes, galaxies for every soul and planets where you will find your place.

The time has come to stop feeling like a prisoner and enjoy food, health and a lifestyle that does fit your world.

Welcome to Silvia’s Tisaneíra

Take me to the stars

Those who have already accompanied me on the journey have it clear...

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Maite Pereiro
Maite Pereiro
14 Noviembre 2023
Profesional y con productos de calidad precio muy recomendable. La compra online funciona estupendamente.
nuri nuria
nuri nuria
26 Octubre 2023
Excelentes productos y excelente trato....la sabia Silvia!!!! 😊
26 Junio 2023
Silvia es una gran profesional además de atenta y amable
12 Mayo 2023
Silvia gran profesional y muy agradable...
Leire Lp
Leire Lp
11 Mayo 2023
Encantada con la atención que recibo por parte de Silvia cada vez que voy. Una gran profesional y con una gran variedad de productos que han mejorado mi salud y mis hábitos indudablemente.
NN 10
NN 10
24 Febrero 2023
Un comercio espléndido, muy bien decorado, y organizado; buen asesoramiento en cuanto a productos y mucha profesionalidad en servicio prestado; respecto a las infusiones tienen mucha variedad y también se preparan de manera exclusiva según tus necesidades. En cuanto al servicio de nutrición también genial y sin tener que gastar un dineral en productos como en otros sitios. Sigue así Silvia! 😀
Mari Carmen Merino
Mari Carmen Merino
2 Febrero 2023
La atención muy buena y los tes e infusiones ricos, ricos fuy ayer y con ganas de volver.

Our best selling products

There is no room on my ship for those who...

They believe in miracle diets and only seek rapid weight loss.

They do not want to commit to their care and expect the trip to pass as quickly as possible.

Piensan que sus problemas de salud son responsabilidad de los demás y no hacen nada para mejorar su estilo de vida

But... my interstellar space is for you if...

You are aware that your body has become your prison but you do not know how to turn the story around.

You are tired of trying diets and want to create sustainable habits over time.

Your health problems are preventing you from having a full life and you want that to change now!

You have already discovered that the best thing for your body is not to feed it, but to nourish it.

They are excited, not only about the change, but also about the process.

Thinking of you, I have designed...

A complete space where you will find the service you need

Constellations of products created to set your soul free

Do you have any doubts?

It's normal, a journey towards a healthier existence is not something you can trust just anyone with your eyes closed.
But I'm going to try and sort out some of the ones that may be coming up for you.

I feel it's time to make this change in my life but what if I waver in purpose?

Nothing. Once you decide to launch into space with me, I will give you the necessary push as many times as it takes, so that you don't give up until you are free again.

No, once you pay for one of the services you will have the right to enjoy it until the end of its duration.

However, I will personally modify anything that does not make you feel comfortable, as soon as you inform me.

Yes, all customers who sign up for a planet, for example, will have advantageous conditions when moving to galaxies or universes.

I do it both in Barakaldo and in Bilbao.

The short answer is yes. The long answer is… you can, but I recommend that you always choose products after an initial consultation.

That way I can customise the products, herbal teas and anything else that makes sure your needs are 100% covered.

Completely. We have a platform that is 100% adapted and endorsed by the financial institution.

Of course, all payments are recorded and a corresponding invoice is issued.

Of course. If it is more comfortable for you, I adapt to your needs.

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Do you still have any doubts?

No problem! I will be happy to answer your questions. Write me by email, WhatsApp, social media or fill in the form below.

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